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Vizianagaram District : Andhra Pradesh

About District

Vizianagaram district was formed on 1st June 1979, with some parts carved from the neighbouring districts of Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam. The District is bounded on the East by Srikakulam District on the West and South by Visakhapatnam Districts, on the South East by the Bay of Bengal and North West by Orissa State. Vizianagaram District extends over an area of 6539 Sq.Kms. The District can be divided in to two distinct natural divisions i.e Plains and Hilly regions. The Agency area covers Pachipenta, Gummalaxmi Puram Mandals fully and Salur, Makkuva, Rambhadrapuram, Parvathipuram and Komarad Mandals partly. The District is having the population of 22.45 lakhs (As per 2001 Census). Administratively the District is divided into 2 Revenue Divisions and 34 Mandals . It is predominantly an agricultural district as 68.4% of the workers are engaged in Agriculture and about 82% of the population of the District is living in Rural areas. Many eminent personalities have added new dimensions of glory to Vizianagaram. Nestling between the Bay of Bengal and the eastern Ghats, the landscape of Vizianagaram with its captivating intensity would undoubtedly attract the overwhelming response of tourists.

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