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Papum Pare District : Arunachal Pradesh

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The Papum Pare District, the capital district of Arunachal Pradesh is situated in the North–Eastern part of India. The district headquarter is located at Yupia, which is situated about 20 kms from Itanagar. It is a land of lush green forests, deep river valleys and beautiful plateau. The land is mostly mountainous with Himalayan ranges. Trees of great size, plentiful of climbers, hundreds of variety of orchids, cane and bamboos are found in the district. The district occupies an area of approximately 2875 sq km inhabited by a population of 121750. Itanagar, the capital of the state is situated in this district. The district is divided into two administrative subdivisions and nine administrative circles. It is the abode of the energetic Nishis who are known in history for their velour. The Mikir, migrants from Assam, also form a part of the local population. The Nishis belong to the Indo-Mongoloid group of people and their language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman family. Itafort- A 13th century ruins of a brick fort, Ganga Lake (Gekar Sinyi), Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, Zoological Park (Chimpu) and Buddhist Gompa and Theravada Buddhist Temple Arunachal University, Rono Hills are place of interest at Itanagar.

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