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Upper Siang District : Arunachal Pradesh

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Upper Siang District with geographical area of 6188 Sq Km, a veritable treasure house of nature in its full splendour, with a total population of 33, 146 persons (2001 Census). It is inhabited by Adi, Memba, Khamba and Idu Mishmi tribes who have been harmoniously living in the cradle of nature since time immemorial with colourful festivals / rituals like Solung, Aran, Reh, Lossar, Dihang, etc. It is a mountaineous region endowed with rich natural resources and biodiversity, deep gorges and fast flowing streams and rivulets, which form the tributaries of the mighty Siang River. It flows through the district running into Indian Territory at a point near Gelling in the Indo-China border. The District is administratively divided into 3 administrative sub-divisions, 5 CD Blocks and 11 Circles. Upper Siang is inhabited by four main groups of tribes, viz. Adi, Memba, Khamba and Mishmis. Though they have distinctive socio-cultural life, they have co-existed with each other from the time immemorial. The Adis and Mishmis are animists who are believers of the Sun and the Moon, while the Membas and Khambas are Mahayana Buddhists. The natural surroundings, exotic and locale present a perfect destination for tourists.

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