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Kurung Kumey District : Arunachal Pradesh

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The Kurung Kumey district was bifurcated from Lower Subansiri district in the year 2001. The name of the district is derived from Subansiri river, its stream twin river Kurng and Kumey. The Subansiri river is the triburaty of Brahmaputra river, that flows from Tibet. The district is surrounded by China in the north, East Kameng District in the west, Upper Subansiri District and Lower Subansiri District and in the southern boundary adjoins by Papum Pare District in the East of the Arunchal Pradesh. The topography of the district is mostly mountainous a great part of its falls within the medium mountain Zone consisting peak & valleys. The Kurung Kumey district of Arunchal Pradesh has population of 92,076 as per the 2011 census. The district headquarter has been shifted at Koloriang. The district is dominated by Nyishin tribe,the Nyishi tribe is belong to Abu Tani family as per the history of the Nyishi clan. They have a mother tongue Nyishi which they basically used. Mostly spoken other languages are English, Hindi, Assamese. The Nyishi tribe has no written script. There is another tribe called Puroik (Sulung), they have been living under help and support of Nyishi tribe.

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