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Madhubani District : Bihar

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The district of Madhubani was carved out of the old Darbhanga district in the year 1972 as a result of reorganisation of the districts in the State. This was formerly the northern subdivision of Darbhanga district. Madhubani district occupies a total area of 3501 sq. kms. It is located at a Longitude of 25º-59' to 26º-39' East and the Latitude is 85º-43' to 86º-42' North. Bounded on the north by a hill region of Nepal and extending to the border of its parent district Darbhanga in the south, Sitamarhi in the west and Supaul in the east, Madhubani fairly represents the centre of the territory once known as Mithila and the district has maintained a distinct individuality of its own.The main Rivers flowing through the districts are Kamla , Kareh, Balan, Bhutahi Balan, Gehuan, Supen, Trishula, Jeevachh, Koshi and Adhwara Group. The districts consists of 5 Sub-Divisions, 21 Development Blocks and 20 Circles. The places of Religious, Historical, Archaeological and Tourist Interest in the district are Saurath, Kapileswarsthan, Uchaitha and Bhawanipur.

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