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Jashpur District : Chhattisgarh

About District

Situated in the north-east of Chhattisgarh, Jashpur is rich with dense forest and green flora. Northern region of the district has a long series of hills and mountains, sometimes running parallel to each other or cress-crossing somewhere. Lush green terrain and valleys present elegant natural beauty. It is surrounded by Gumla district of Jharkhand in the east, Sarguja in the west, some parts of Jharkhand and Sarguja in the north and the districts of Raigarh and Sundargarh (Orissa) in the south. Having an area of 5838 sq. Km. Jashpur District has a population of about 851669 as per 2011 census. Gender wise there are 424747 males and 426922 females. The density of population is 146 persons per places of touristr interest in the districts are Rajpuri Water fall, Kotebira Eb river, Kailash gupha(Cave), Danpuri Waterfall, Rani Dah waterfall, Bhringraj Waterfal, Cathedral(Mahagirja Ghar) Kunkuri, Damera, Khuriarani Cave, Snake Park, Sograh Aghor Asram, Badalkhol Abhyaran, Gullu waterfal, Rani Jhoola, Bane Waterfall, Hara Deepa, Loro Ghatee, Churi Waterfall, and Bel Mahadev.

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Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
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