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Hamirpur District : Himachal Pradesh

About District

The Hamirpur district is located in the south western part of Himachal Pradesh. It is covered by lower Himalayas, the elevation varies from the 400 meters to 1,100 meters. The main hill ranges of the district are known as Jakh Dhar & Solah Singhi Dhar. The district is bounded in the north by river Beas which separates it from district Kangra. In the east Bakar and Seer Khads separate it from district Mandi. In the south, It is bounded by district Bilaspur and in the west by district Una. Administratively, the district is divided into five Sub-Divisions viz. Hamirpur, Barsar, Nadaun, Bhoranj and Sujanpur. The district has nine Tehsils/Sub Tehsils viz. Hamirpur, Barsar, Nadaun, Bhoranj, Sujanpur, Dhatwal at Bijhari, Bamson at Tauni Devi, ST Galore and ST Kangoo. The district comprises of six Development Blocks viz. Hamirpur, Nadaun, Bhoranj, Sujanpur, Bamson at Tauni Devi and Bijhari. Hamirpur town is the Headquarter of this District which lies on Shimla Dharamshala highway. The places of tourist interests in the district are Sujanpur Tira, Nadaun, Baba Balak Nath Temple Deotsidh, Markanda, Bhota, Narvdeshwar Temple, Bil-kaleshwar Temple, Murli Manohar Mandir, TauniDevi Temple, AwahDevi Temple, Gasota Mahadev Temple, KalanjariDevi, Gurudwara sahib Nadaun and PeerSaheb Grave.


District at a Glance

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
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  • Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males)
  • Density (Total, Persons per sq km)
Constituencies (ECI)
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