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Chennai District : Tamil Nadu

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Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu State,besides being an important district.The district city is one of the metropolis of India and serves as the gateway of the culture of South India.In spite of being the capital of a Tamil speaking State,it has emerged as a cosmopolitan city playing an important role in the historical,cultural and intellectual development of India,representing still the distinct components of the highest form of Dravidian civilisation.Chennai is situated on the north-east end of Tamil Nadu on the coast of Bay of Bengal.It lies between 12* 9' and 13* 9' of the northern latitude and 80* 12' and 80* 19' of the southern longitude on a "sandy shelving breaker swept beach".A large number of institutions which are known in India and abroad are found located in the city, of which mention may be made of the Theosophical Society,the Kalakshetra and colleges of Arts and Crafts.Chennai is one of the leading cities in India today from the point of view of trade and commerce,with the fourth largest port in the country and the first to have developed a full-fledged container terminal to international standards.

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