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Cuddalore District : Tamil Nadu

About District

Cuddalore which is District Headquarters for South Arcot District for more than a century. The present Cuddalore District has been formed on 30.9.1993. It has a speciality ‘ Saandror udaithu’ i.e great and elite personalities possession of the district. To prove it saivaite pathmakers Thirunaukkarasu, Sundarar born in this district. Maikaudar one of the sithas out of eighteen born in this district. This district is proud of possessing as birth place of Vallalar Ramalingar. Ovvaiyar, the Tamil poetess gave in marriage angavai, sangavai, the daughters of pari the vallal in Tirukoilur to the king Deiviekan. The famous typical and universal logic temple of Sri Chidambaram Natarajar is situated in this District. The Pichavaram Mangrove Forest is considered among the healthiest mangrove occurence in the world. Number of islands interpersing a vast expanse of water and covered with green trees. Boating facilities gives special attraction to this spot. Vandalur Ramalinga Swamigal popularly called as Vallalar had established Sathyagnana Sabai. He sung thousands of songs called "Thiru Arutppa". The Srimushnam is the famous Vishnu Sthalam, Holy pilgrimage place. The Neyveli- The lignite mines produces power productive units are also located in the District.

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